Inspiration {no. 1} Great Gatsby

Sketch from Tiffany & Co. window display via tumblr.

I love the Great Gatsby.  I’ve read the book dozens of times and I’ve seen the epic Robert Redford movie just as many times.  I love it.  I love the tragicness of the love story, I love the costumes, I love the stories and the parties and the colors.  I love it all.

 photography by Jeff Hobson

You can imagine how excited I was to find out there would be a new Great Gatsby movie – starring Leo no less – directed by Baz Luhrmann.  Even more exciting was when my friends at Tiffany told me they had designed the jewelry for the movie + a line to be sold in stores + a fabby collection that’s super exclusive all inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s film in collaboration with the award winning costume designer and set decorator Catherine Martin.

Tiffany & Co. let me borrow a few pieces for a 425 Magazine photo shoot inspired by the Great Gatsby.  In addition to getting to wear some amazing jewelry and have a delish cocktail, I also spent a few weeks researching the food of the era and re-reading the book to see what food they ate.

 photography by Jeff Hobson

It turns out the 1920’s are a fascinating time for food research.  In an era of prohibition and advances in automobile and train travel, new food was being brought from across the United States rather than by freighter (fresher ingredients!) and they were being celebrated.  There are a lot of surviving menus from classic New York restaurants like the 21 Club and great cookbooks that have survived.  But some things had me really confused.  For example, almost every menu I looked at served Colorado Celery.  For days I thought this was a lovely little appetizer of filled celery – like Ants on a Log, only nice.  Turns out, no.  Celery before this time had come in from France.  New rail lines and new farming ‘out west’ created the ability to grow some “foreign crops” like celery on our own territory.  That was huge. And it was seen as a luxury.  As was fresh fruit.

  photography by Jeff Hobson

Other extravagances of the 1920’s are still extravagances :: lobster, gin, champagne, acres of diamonds. And I’ll be celebrating those all month long with recipes, cocktails, and some behind the scenes information from the movie and the collaboration with Tiffany’s.  I can’t wait to share all of it with you.  
 photography by Jeff Hobson

For the entire article, check out 425 Magazine available on newsstands in Western Washington and always available online at 


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