Market Basics :: Pineapple 101

Pineapples are awesome.  But they can be intimidating.  How do you choose one?  How do you get into it?  Sometimes (like in January) it’s one of the only fresh fruits in season so it’s awesome to know how to break into that bad boy.  Watch the video and you’ll be an instant expert.  Enjoy!

This is the second of a long series of videos that I am thrilled to be able to bring you in partnership with Metropolitan Market.  If you are in the Seattle area, pop into your local Metropolitan Market and tell them you’re hungry.

To see the last video :: Cooking Lobster in 10 Minutes :: click here.


One thought on “Market Basics :: Pineapple 101

  1. mint arrow

    hello alt summit friend! i just watched your pineapple video – so helpful! i am always a little intimidated when it comes to picking and slicing a pineapple. 🙂 your blog is so clean and beautiful!


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