Happy Monday!

We had a weekend full of celebrations and love – it was so much fun.  On Thursday we celebrated Lars’s graduation from preschool with a ceremony and dinner for his class at the fire station.  The kids had an absolute blast – it helped that we hired an ice cream truck to come treat everyone to dessert.  If you’re ever looking to impress a group of five year olds, I highly recommend an ice cream truck.

Friday, my sister and I hosted a little dinner party in the bay of the fire station to celebrate our parent’s wedding anniversary.  They’ve been married forty years this month.   I broke out our fine china, crystal and silver to set the table and served our very favorite foods.  Are you aware you can order a tray of Cafe Lago lasagne?  If you’re in the Seattle area, I highly recommend the Cafe Lago lasagne.  The next best lasagne I’ve had is in a tiny hill town just north of Lago di Como in Italy.  We ordered two.

For Father’s Day we had a lovely salmon lunch with my grandfather on Whidbey Island.  Being up on Whidbey gave me a chance to weed the garden {pictures to come} and see what the summer will be like with Timber still in a cast.  An update on Timber ::  he is healing really well despite the fact that he’s completely forgotten that he’s injured and he attempts to run on his cast any chance we let him.  He’s really ready to be chasing the ball and swimming in the water.  It’s going to be a long eight weeks.


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