Endless Summer Projects :: Bubble Paint Banner

My children love LOVE LOVE to chase bubbles.  LOVE.  Watching the bubbles pop one day I had the idea that you could include paint in the bubble mix and make awesome paintings with them.  You can’t.  Add paint, that is.  I tried.  But you can add food coloring and that’s kind of the same thing.  
This is an awesome project for a picnic or a barbecue where you are outside and looking to entertain a variety of age groups.  Older kids can lay the paper on the ground and blow the bubbles directly onto the paper.  It’s fun to experiment with standing closer, further away, blowing little bubbles, big bubbles, etc.  They all do something different on the paper.  Little kids can chase the bubbles and try to pop them with the paper.  

You’ll need
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons dish soap (preferably Dawn)
2-3 drops food coloring
white linen card stock 
Step 1 :: Pour water and dish soap in a resealable container (mason jars work best)
Step 2 :: Drop in food coloring and stir
Step 3 :: Blow bubbles onto paper
Hot Tip #1 :: Linen textured paper seems to work best as the bubbles really catch the surface before bursting.
Hot Tip #2 :: You can use any kind of food coloring, but the really cheap thin droppy kind works best.  If using gel food color, use just one drop.    

Once you’ve ‘painted’ the paper you can do almost anything with it.  I ran it through the printer and created a banner for the Fourth of July.  I love the idea of turning these paintings into origami or using it for mounting summer photos on.  The possibilities are endless!

This project is part of a series of projects that I’m doing all summer with my friends!  Check out their blogs for more fun summer projects each Wednesday! 

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