Weeknight Dinner :: Five Minute Teriyaki Sauce

My family loves take-out-teriyaki.  But I noticed that my rings don’t fit the morning after take-out-teriyaki.  Which makes me not love take-out-teriyaki.  So I figured out how to make our own teriyaki sauce that has just a little less sodium.  If you aren’t a fan of corn starch, you can leave it out – but it will never thicken up without it.  
Add cooked chicken + rice and dinner is done.  That’s in under a half an hour for those of you who are counting.  Or those of you who stayed at work until 6pm.  
Happy dinner.


2 thoughts on “Weeknight Dinner :: Five Minute Teriyaki Sauce

  1. Lulu the Baker

    Teriyaki is a fave at our house too. Next time we crave it, I'll try your recipe! We have a slow-cooker recipe we like a lot, but you do have to have enough forethought to start it in the morning.


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