Bookalicious :: How to Decorate {+ a project}

I’m kind of obsessed with Shannon Fricke right now.  Do you know her?  She’s Australian and decorates and just seems cool.  Her new book, How to Decorate, inspired me to push forward with my “not-necessary-but-could-be-cool” project of making the back of my bookshelves really pop.  
Here are the super simple instructions on how I made my shelves cooler {dining room chairs are next!}.  And if you’re as excited as I am that Shannon has a new book out, pick up your copy of How to Decorate here!  You’ll be inspired.  Trust.


3 thoughts on “Bookalicious :: How to Decorate {+ a project}

  1. Lulu the Baker

    Ali, this is so awesome! The shelves look amazing! I'm going to keep this in mind for when we move into the Dream House. We're supposed to have some built-ins in the Living Room, and they'd look great with a patterned back!


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