Charm Hour :: Blackberry Martini

What a week.  My children had the week off from school which meant I was the full time entertainment committee.  We went to Whidbey, we hosted playdates, we did art projects and now we are ready for them to go back to school.  Soon.  
Until then, let’s sip cocktails and catch up on the fun things some of my friends did this week 
:: Are you sending invitations out for a Oscar Party?  Kelly at Studio DIY has a printable Oscar Ballot for you.
::  Sharon put together an amazing playlist for our party at Alt Summit.  Find out how here.  
::  S’mores cupcakes!!  My brilliant friend Melissa {otherwise known as Lulu the Baker} made these.  
::  Did you see Amy’s red tulle skirt?  I loved it when I saw it in person and I have been pinning tulle skirts like a maniac.  I think it’s time for my own.  
See you Monday!


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