A ‘BH&G Top 10 Entertaining Blog’

I had a super crap-tastic week last week.  We spent all week battling the stomach flu and all of the glory and loads of laundry that went with it.  On Friday, when I was pretty sure I was on my death bed I texted Amy Christie with “I’m dying.  Hopefully I’ll talk to you Monday.”  She advised me not to die because she was having a rough enough month as it was.

That’s why it meant so much to me when I received an email on Friday afternoon letting me know that I – ME – was chosen as one of Better Homes & Gardens Top Ten Entertaining Blogs.  I was astounded.  Humbled.  And revived from the dead.

This meant so much to me because of the amazing company that I was in.  Please visit their sites as well because they are an amazing group of ladies who inspire me, make me a better person, and make me a better blogger.

**  Yes, I’m aware my name is spelled wrong – we’re working on it  **

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