Weeknight Party Girl :: St. Patrick’s Day

It’s March!  It’s March!  That means St. Patrick’s Day is inching upon us.  Do you celebrate?  Do you go all out or do you just wear green?  I’m an ‘all out’ kind of girl.  I like to brine my own corned beef, make my own soda bread, decorate shamrock cookies, make shirts for my kids – the list goes on but I’ll stop before you think I’m completely insane.  Or you already think I’m completely insane so now you’re just wondering what else I do – I’ve got good news for you.  For the next TWO WEEKS I’m going to be showing you how I fake a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day + fun crafts, cocktails, and everything in between.

Tune into Q13 FOX Morning News at 8:45 on March 11th to watch everything all together in one fabulous little segment.  Until then, tune in here, on Pinterest {where my obsession grows daily!}, and on Instagram for all of the green lovelies!

Happy St. Patrick’s Month!


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