Father’s Day :: Monogrammed Barware

With Father’s Day fast approaching, the struggle for what to get for Mr. Hedin wages on.  The dads in my life tend to buy themselves the things they need and aren’t interested in excess stuff – thus making gift giving nearly impossible.  Luckily, there is always room at the bar for a new glass – especially when their kids made them.  
Lars helped me make these and they were incredibly simple.  And he is incredibly proud of them.  Which makes this a win win.  Plus, it’s a great excuse for a crazy good cocktail {try this one}.  
You’ll need
Adhesive Stencil Film
Glass Barware
Glass Paint
Step 1 :: Clean glass surface completely
Step 2 ::  Cut out letter or shape from the adhesive stencil material and adhere to the glass
Step 3  ::  Lightly apply paint using the q-tip.  Don’t add too much!
Step 4  ::  Immediately remove the stencil and allow paint to dry.  Follow paint instructions to set paint.  


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