Oh, hello.


When I started blogging years ago it was because I was creating fun and creative things and I was dying to share them.  I made fun things for my children, for their birthday parties, I made my husband’s birthday special, I baked and cooked and made things.  And I loved sharing them.

But there’s a trap with blogging where you begin creating daily and pretty soon it becomes expected that you create daily.  So I started making things just for the blog.  Months ahead of the actual holiday and things that my family would probably never use in real life.

And that turned into making things for the blog and not for my family.  My children’s birthday parties were less special, holidays seemed like a hassle, and I was constantly working on my computer.

So I quit.

After seven years of blogging, I quit.

I’m not back.  Don’t get me wrong, but I have been missing the sharing and the community and the fun that came along with a blog.  So I’ll pop in from time to time and show you some of the fun things I’ve been up to – my real life things – and when I do something really cool (like be on TV) I’ll give you some behind-the-scenes glimpses.  Check in, check back, let’s have some fun together.



And if you want even more from me – head to www.weeknightsociety.com and follow my latest project.


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