Queen of Valentine Hearts {non-candy love notes}

I love making valentine’s with my kids.  I love not buying the store-bought Valentines that are lumped up on the shelves and look entirely un-thoughtful.  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with exactly what that fabulously fabulous Valentine is going to be.  Which is why I was so thankful for my friend Chelsea’s post last month featuring her cement Valentines!  Finally I knew what to do with that giant tub of Plaster of Paris I bought before Christmas!  Finally, an adorable Valentine that both boys and girls will dig!  Finally, something my children can EASILY help with!  Hooray!
Pearl and I made tiny hearts using Plaster of Paris and heart ice molds from Ikea.  After the hearts dried, I set them loose with red and white paint and a lot of red glitter.

I may or may not have purchased an entire case of playing cards a few years ago because – well, you never know.  So we mounted all of the little hearts on “hearts.”  That’s right, I picked through all of the playing cards to find only the hearts for this project.  After my children wrote their names on the back, I loaded them into clear bags and closed them with a sticker.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Faking a Fabulous Easter :: Etched Doily Vase

Faking a Fabulous Easter :: Etched Doily Vase
Faking a Fabulous Easter :: Etched Doily VaseFaking a Fabulous Easter :: Etched Doily Vase
You’ll need
a plain glass vase
temporary spray glue (like
etching cream
paint brush
Step 1  ::  Wash and dry the vase.
Step 2  ::  Lightly spray the back of each doily and adhere them to the vase.
Step 3  ::  Slather etching cream on the vase over the doilies.  Follow etching cream instructions.
Step 4  ::  Wash off etching cream {mine sat 30 minutes} and remove doilies.


Oh, hello.


When I started blogging years ago it was because I was creating fun and creative things and I was dying to share them.  I made fun things for my children, for their birthday parties, I made my husband’s birthday special, I baked and cooked and made things.  And I loved sharing them.

But there’s a trap with blogging where you begin creating daily and pretty soon it becomes expected that you create daily.  So I started making things just for the blog.  Months ahead of the actual holiday and things that my family would probably never use in real life.

And that turned into making things for the blog and not for my family.  My children’s birthday parties were less special, holidays seemed like a hassle, and I was constantly working on my computer.

So I quit.

After seven years of blogging, I quit.

I’m not back.  Don’t get me wrong, but I have been missing the sharing and the community and the fun that came along with a blog.  So I’ll pop in from time to time and show you some of the fun things I’ve been up to – my real life things – and when I do something really cool (like be on TV) I’ll give you some behind-the-scenes glimpses.  Check in, check back, let’s have some fun together.



And if you want even more from me – head to and follow my latest project.

Weeknight Society Field Trip | Kim Chi & Korean Beef

Yesterday I took a little field trip to the International District in Seattle for a few groceries and a different vibe from my suburban grocery store.

Then I brought everything home and made one of my favorite Weeknight Society dinners – Korean Beef.  The best part about this dinner is that it can be made with groceries from your regular suburban grocery store – but a trip to the International District in your city sure is fun!