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I think the best thing you can do with your money is give it away.  It is so important to support hospitals, churches, and medical research.  These things are for the greater good and without your help, they cannot do their work.  

Of the thousands of great organizations, Fred Hutch is a great local cancer research center - and one of the best in the world.  Last night we had the pleasure of going to their Premier Chef's Dinner.  It could have been the best charity event I have been to so far this year.  Amazing food, great wines, fun interaction with the chefs in the kitchen.  We also got to sit by the beautiful Dayo Jones of Colors NW Magazine and her date who were an absolute kick!  

Here's the menu - because that's really the best part:

First Course

Halibut Poke

Brent Martin, Grand Hyatt Seattle and Hyatt at Olive 8 

2005 Wineglass Cellars Syrah “Les Vignes de Marcoux”


Second Course

Nettle and Lovage Soup

Jerry Traunfeld, Poppy 

2008 Alexandria Nicole Cellars Crawford Viognier


Hearts of Palm Salad with Seabeans, Thai Basil and Kaffir Lime vinaigrette

Angie Roberts, BOKA Kitchen + Bar

2008 Chateau Ste. Michelle Sauvignon Blanc

Top: Halibut Poke :: Bottom left: Hearts of Palm Salad :: Bottom Right: Nettle Soup

Third Course

St. Jude's Albacore Tuna, Israeli Cous Cous, Baby Carrot, and Dill

Maria Hines, Tilth

2008 Cedergreen Cellars Viola Rose


Crispy Sous Vide Rabbit Loin with Rutabaga Purée, Braised Mustard Greens and

Stone Ground Mustard Gastrique

Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, Spur

2006 Bunnell Family Cellars Vif



Spring Rack of Lamb with Risi Bisi and Asparagus with Morel Sauce

John Sarich, Chateau Ste. Michelle

 Chateau Ste. Michelle Ethos Reserve Syrah

Braised Skagit River Ranch Beef Short Ribs with Blue Bird “Farrosotto,” Snap Peas and Vines

Greg Atkinson, Seattle Culinary Academy

2006 Va Piano Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon


Top Left: Sous Vide Rabbit :: Top Right: Albacore Tuna :: Bottom: Rack of Lamb.  Not pictured: Beef Short Ribs (picture is really ugly - but the food was awesome)


Selected Aged Cheeses from Washington and Beyond

Port Glazed Dried Fruits, Specialty Flatbreads and Honey Glazed Hazelnuts

Premier Chefs Dinner Advisory Board

Cucumber DRY Soda



Valrhona Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mousse with Rhubarb Gelée
Herb Foam, Fresh Strawberries, Cocoa Nib Tuille and Strawberry Sauce

Jennifer Volk, CRUSH

2007 Three Rivers Winery Biscuit Ridge Vineyard Late Harvest Gewürztraminer

My thoughts:

- Dessert was the best thing I have ever in all of my life tasted.  I would go back to Crush and only order dessert.  Amazing.  And I was full already when they brought it out.  Dayo and I agreed the size was WAY too small for how good it was.  But maybe they saved us from ourselves?

- The only dish that made me want to make reservations from my phone during the dinner was the Sous Vide Rabbit.  The delicate flavors of the rabbit were completely overpowered by the much stronger mustard and rutabega.  But the dish was an elegant interpretation of comfort food that I would go back for.  

- The best wine of the night was the 2006 Bunnell Family Cellar Vif.  An imaginative creation by the vinter to create a more robust Pinot Noir, I adored it.  It's the only glass we finished.  

- We were late.  Inexcusably late.  But we still were able to sneak into the kitchen to meet the chefs quickly and see "the action" before dinner was served.  Here's the biggest surprise of the night.  I have been in commercial kitchens while food service is going on and it's usually a very fast paced environment.  And I've seen every episode of Top Chef - so I feel I'm an expert on what a kitchen should look like RIGHT before food service.  Picture the exact opposite and you've got the kitchen at the Grand Hyatt last night.  Everyone was really calm.  John Sarich and Greg Atkinson were shelling peas together and chatting.  Maria Hines was talking to Nancy Leason.  Brent Martin took five minutes to chat with me about another tasting we'd done recently.  It was a complete surprise.  Their relaxed mood clearly translated into the dining room where everything was well orchestrated, entertaining, delicious.  

- With about 200 people in attendance the Hutch was able to raise more than $300,000.  That's amazing.  Think of how many people in your life who have been effected by cancer.  Wouldn't you pay $300,000 to keep them alive?  Seems like a bargain to me.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Go online and give them a credit card number.  Seem impersonal?  Go to #2

2.  Volunteer 

3.  Join the Innovators Network.  Geared towards people under 45 who want to not only donate money to the Hutch, but who want to learn about research and be involved in what's new and cutting edge.  

You can't go wrong when you donate your money to fight one of the most prominent diseases in our country.  We've all known someone who has had cancer.  Your help makes a difference.