My blue shoes

Tiffany blue is a kind of "lucky color" for me.  About five years ago (actually longer now that I think about it) I paid way too much money for Tiffany blue heels.  They are gorgeous pointy toe, super high heels - and they look good with everything.  A boring black dress becomes fun with blue heels - as do jeans or  a grey suit or even a purple dress.  And they've been with me for many momentous occasions.

When I was hired at 425 Magazine; when I was hired at Starbucks; when I was promoted at Starbucks, when I learned I was having a baby boy; when I learned I was having a baby girl; my first time on TV; when I got funding for a new secret project; when Jen and Chris got married at Whistler; when almost everyone I know got married.

Whether I have been wearing the shoes and they brought me luck, or because I wore the shoes so often, good things were bound to happen eventually is neither here nor there.  But I did wear them a lot.  So much so that they are in seriously bad shape right now.  The shoe repair guy at The Village told me to throw them out.  Rude.  Does he not understand how hard it is to find Tiffany blue heels??

Jimmy Choo has a pair of turquoise pumps in their new collection, but I'm not feeling quite as flush as I did before children pooped through all of my money.  These days I'm more likely to spend money on black flats - practical has taken over my life.  (And if I had an extra $495 laying around, I'd join a gym.)

I started thinking about my shoes because I got to go on a store tour at Tiffany's last week.  While they aren't selling shoes (yet) they have extended their leather goods collection.  Starting this fall, Tiffany's handbags will be available - including a Tiffany blue clutch - which may be just the replacement I need for my bedraggled blue shoes.

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