Cook it :: Homemade Pretzels

Or Auntie Ali's pretzels as I'm now calling them.

I've seen recipes for homemade pretzels and I thought "eh."  But this morning I saw the most adorable video on pretzel making and it drove me to try it.  Plus Lars has been making me crazy and I thought a project would be good.

I may not have exhibited the same level of patience in rolling out my pretzels - plus two of mine are a bit hobbled from being made by a three-year-old.  But the recipe is delicious.

My only caution is to be sure to bake on a parchment lined cookie sheet!  Do not attempt without the parchment - or a silpat.  You will be devastated as you attempt to scrape up the pretzels.  Or your child will be devastated.  Either way, use the parchment.

Inspiration, recipe, and video from elephantine.  Charming video - you should watch it just to be charmed by how lovely it is.