Fourth of July countdown :: Day 1

The Fourth of July is a big deal in our family.  We all head up to the beach house and have a big party that lasts for days before and days after the 4th.  The food is always the first thing we start planning - potentially because we like to cook, but more likely because EVERYONE loves to eat.  

This year make a few of my recipes from the book for your celebration.  The best part about all of these is that they are 'make ahead' which means they are awesome picnic/ traveling foods, but also they are great for a party because you can have most of the work done before anyone is starving.  

Baked Fried Chicken

Freeze watermelon and use the frozen squares as ice in a big jug of water.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. Click here for the recipe (they are no-bake!)

If you don't have my book you can buy it online here in my NEW shop!  The new website is fantastic and even includes my own little shop.  Check it out and get a signed copy of the book.  Come back tomorrow for craft ideas!

photos by Jeff Hobson