Fourth of July countdown :: Day 4

Cocktails!  An absolute must for the Fourth of July - here are a few of my favorites...

These go by many names, the least offensive is Beer-garitas.  The inexpensive bulk way of making these cocktails is perfect for a party. 

1 container frozen lemonade concentrate
1 container frozen limeade concentrate
12 12oz beers
1/5th of Triple Sec

Mix it all together.  Don’t dilute the concentrate – the beer will do that.  Serve over ice with a garnish of lime.  

Martha's Bing Cherry Mojitos - cherries are starting to come into season (not quite yet in Washington) and would be great this weekend!

And don't forget a few non-alcholic options to re-hydrate!

Lemonade and Cucumber water

Freeze watermelon and use it as ice cubes in a giant pitcher of water.

Photos by Jeff Hobson