Craft It :: Budweiser lights

Am I the only one who saw the ad for the limited edition Budweiser cans and thought "I need to make something out of that!"  I am?  Oh, well they are perfect for the Fourth of July because of their festive Americana design.  

I gave Mr. Hedin the hard task of emptying ten cans - my cousin and his girlfriend assisted.  Because I am not trusted with sharp objects right now, Mr. Hedin also ended up being the 'creator' of my light string masterpiece.  

I think my mom was horrified to have this hanging across the front of the beach house, but it was certainly a conversation starter!  

You'll need:
10 light string of bulb lights with clips
10 empty cans of Budweiser
X-acto knife
Super glue

Step 1 :: Drink the beer
Step 2 :: Cut out the top and bottom of the can with the x-acto knife (BE CAREFUL!)
Step 3 :: Clip light onto edge of can
Step 4 :: Dab glue under the light clip and reattach clip
Step 5 :: Let dry