Craft it :: Outdoor Curtains

For the Fabulous Bridal Shower we hosted over the weekend, we needed something that would have a big impact.  I spent days pouring over images to find something that seemed fun, festive, and colorful.

I started with the idea that I would use fabric as a canopy in the style of Norma's at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.  I love that space and thought it would be really cool to bring it into Seattle.

Problem :: While I can easily tie one end off to the house, the other end has nothing to attach too.  Except the pear tree.  And since I think the pear tree's days are numbered anyway, I didn't want to push it.  So I needed to find another solution.

Scanning through Lonny Magazine, I found another image.  And one that I could actually possibly create.
image from Lonny Magazine

Problem :: It's a lot of fabric.  Plus this one is by a pool, which I am certainly not... and I didn't see myself creating an entire tent out of fabric, but just the curtain part seemed do-able, and festive.  And now that all of the fabric is done I can start to work with it to make something new too.  Like a tent??

Here's how I made ours.

Seattle Recreational Fabrics sells loads of canvas and other fabulous outdoor fabrics.  I chose a canvas sheeting that was a 120" width.  I was pretty sure I would end up cutting the fabric, but I wasn't sure what size so I started with the biggest I could find.  

I laid the fabric out on the lawn and used blue tape to determine the stripes.  Yes, they aren't perfectly even.  It's what it is.

Next, paint.  Our colors were pink and orange, inspired by candy we saw in the window at the Confectionary weeks before.  Alternating little stripe/big stripe with the pink and orange paint I worked my way across the canvas.  It actually didn't take that long.  I wasn't worried about it being 'exact' just covering the canvas completely within the stripe. 

I let it dry 24 hours, then put in the grommets.  If you haven't used grommets before you have no idea how simple this 'finishing touch' is.  They are beyond easy.  I could even do them with my "helpers" assisting me.

To hang it up, I used the clips that are for attaching Christmas lights to gutters and added some streamers and paper lanterns for added flair.  I am thinking about leaving them up all summer.  Don't tell Mr. Hedin who is anxious to be rid of the bright pink...