10 Baby Things {+ a giveaway!}

 GIVEAWAY CLOSED - Congratulations Sharon!  And good luck with your new baby.

We've been discussing my pet peeves and I realized today I would be remiss if I did not mention the largest of all (for right now) which is...

As the mother of three children I have gone through my fair share of baby products.  There are some things that I swore by with baby #1 that I realized were goofy with baby #2 and by #3 they were on their way to the Goodwill (or to someone with only one child who didn't know better).  

Now that my baby is almost one year old, I feel in a position to round up the top ten baby products I used, abused, and loved.  Plus, one lucky winner will get to have - all to themselves - the best system for making baby food! (You should be making baby food, it's really easy)

Why did I choose these?

1. Diaper bags are dumb.  They are heavy, annoying, and totally emasculate your husband.  L.L. Bean bags are washable, durable, and re-usable when your kids are not in diapers anymore.  Plus, way cuter.

2.  No other ball has gotten as much use as this.  It's fabulous for infants because they can grab it.  It bounces, providing loads of joy for toddlers.  And it doesn't go far if you hit it, making it easier for t-ball practice.

3. Hanna Andersson pajamas last an eternity!  Through three kids and onto hand-me-downs and they still look decent.  Plus, they are super cozy and made from organic cotton

4. It's a really expensive blanket, so buy it with your first kid.  You can't find anything as cozy as the Little Giraffe blankets.  They come in tiny sizes too which made the perfect comfort blanket for my son when we traveled.  We also have the jumbo adult size one on the couch because we're obsessed.

5. Really cute shoes aren't hard to find, but really cute, locally made, long lasting shoes are.  We love these.

6. When you're on the go and need to have food on hand, these pouches are divine.  When Pearl refused to eat off a spoon, these pouches were a lifesaver.  Anymore you can find them almost anywhere.  Taste them before you give them to your kids - I think the 'pea' ones are vile.

7. When I was pregnant with Pearl and in New York it seemed like every parent had the "double decker" stroller.  I thought it was brilliant - and I still do.  Ours looks like it's been through a war zone.

8. Blankets in the car or in the 'diaper bag' are annoying.  To be warm enough, they are crazy bulky.  That's why I love BabySoy blankets - the warmth of wool with the weight of cotton.  

9. If you don't make your own baby food, you should.  It's crazy easy.  What did you eat for dinner last night?  Grind it up.  Salmon?  Potatoes?  Green beans?  Throw it in the Baby Bullet and away you go.  I have always made baby food for my kids.  It's crazy simple - and impossibly simple with the Baby Bullet because it comes with EVERYTHING you need.  Literally.

10. A way to carry your baby without breaking your arms or your back.  I've tried every carrier available and this is the best.  Pearl even napped in it on Saturday and she's two.  

In honor of the my favorite baby products, Baby Bullet is offering one lucky winner their very own Baby Bullet system!  

*Here's how to enter :: 
- Comment below (so I know you are interested)
- Go to the Baby Bullet Facebook page and click "like"
- Go to my Facebook page and click "like" (if you haven't already)

Easy peasy.  At the end of the week, I'll randomly generate a winner based on who has commented below.  The winner will receive one Baby Bullet, one Turbo Steamer, and one cookbook.  

I really am excited about the Baby Bullet because I genuinely believe everyone should make their own baby food.  You can control what goes into the food, you know it hasn't been over processed, and you know where it's been processed (no allergy concerns).  When Lars was a baby I made everything in the food processor - not that it was hard, but when Pearl was born we had a Magic Bullet.  It was remarkable how much simpler it made everything.  The Baby Bullet takes it one step further.

I don't even think I need to mention how much cheaper it is to make your own food either - but it is.  A lot.

Enter!  I hope you win.  Then you only have nine things left to buy.  

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