Cook it :: Loganberry Skillet Cake

This past weekend there were fresh loganberries at the farmers market - so we came home with a half of a flat.  Loganberries are somewhat like a blackberry and they are quite tart.  Loganberries make an excellent jam because they remain a bit tart.  

As soon as we brought them home we began scheming ways to cook them up for dessert and I remembered the latest Everyday Food Magazine had a section on blackberries.  Since the berries are so similar, I knew the recipes would transfer over - especially in the skillet cake.  

When I make this cake again (and I will - it was delicious) I will use a smaller skillet and add more berries.  The recipe called for a 10" cast iron skillet.  I would use an 8" next time.  The recipe called for three cups of berries.  Next time, I'll use 4 or 4 1/2.  Because the berries cook on the bottom of the pan they don't impede the baking of the cake part.  And more berries is always better.

Click here for the recipe on Martha's site.
Alexandra HedinComment