Summer Ice Cream Favorites

Welcome Q13 viewers!  This weekend will be hot and sunny - perfect weather for making your own ice cream.  Does that sound intimidating?  It's not.  Promise!

1. My favorite red raspberry ice cream is super simple.  With raspberries in season right now - and I mean right this second - this is perfect with local cream, local milk, and a little bit of sugar (five ingredients + salt).  Easy and delicious.  Click here for the recipe

2. Have you ever just frozen watermelon?  Super easy.  You can freeze half of a watermelon and use it as your 'ice' in the cooler if you are going out somewhere.  It will freeze solid.  Let defrost at room temperature for 5-10 minutes and it's the perfect "sorbet" without doing anything.

3. Martha just came out with a "no ice cream maker needed" ice cream that's pretty good.  You don't have as much control over the ingredients (it calls for a can of sweetened condensed milk) and you must be super good at folding in whipped cream.  But if you are - this can be done in about three minutes and stuck in the freezer.  It must freeze at least four hours before eating.  Martha's recipe is here.

Not interested in making your own?  No problem - my friend Molly Moon has amazing flavors made with fresh local ingredients.

Want to do something really fun with ice cream?  Make a cocktail.  This is especially perfect for these lovely summer nights.  Scoop your favorite sorbet and top with champagne.  Or if you're really feeling fancy, try this ::