My Fabulous Day in New York City

Yesterday was the most fabulous day ever.  Inspiring, educational, and energizing.  I got to see the building where the Martha team creates the Martha magic and was surrounded by my kind of "celebrities."  It was fabulous and I can't wait to share all of the amazing opportunities that blossomed from the day.

1. Crafting with Sweet Paul
2. A motto on the wall at Martha "When you're through changing, you're through."
3. The Martha panel - Pilar Guzman, Editor in Chief Martha Stewart Living; Lucinda Scala Quinn, Food Editor Martha Stewart Living + cookbook author + television host, Mad Hungry; Kevin Sharkey, my crush + all things home + senior vice president + editorial director + amazing.
4. Martha stops by to say "hello" - I die, and punch the girl in the arm next to me.  Sorry whomever you were.  
5. Kevin Sharkey + me at the rooftop cocktail party (that's right, there was a cocktail party on the roof)
6. Kevin's amazing suit was Burberry summer capri suit.
7. The sun setting on the day from the roof of Martha Stewart Omnimedia.

Alexandra HedinComment