Behind the Scenes :: Cider Pressing in 425 Magazine

This month's issue of 425 Magazine features one of my favorite activities - making cider.  When I was a little girl, my grandparents had an ancient apple press.  Every fall my sister and I got to press apples from their property into cider which my grandmother would serve hot at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  That old apple press is no longer ours - so we decided we needed a new one to create the same memories with my own children and their grandparents.  

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Five things you won't know from reading the magazine ::

- Lars is the only one truly featured in this issue because Judson slept the entire time and Pearl woke up super crabby.

- We shot this at Whidbey Island looking out onto a fabulous fall day.

- Apples were not yet in stores - we were about two weeks too early - so the apples were outrageously expensive!  Yikes!

- Because the apples weren't cheap, we bought as few as possible to make the shoot work.  That meant we filled the bottom of the cute dot bag with loads of newspaper before topping it with apples.  And we only had one shot at pressing apples because we were going to run out fast.

- The pork recipe went through six iterations before becoming a new favorite.  The first was too sweet, the next was too bland, then too much vinegar, too much salt, and we honed in on perfect.

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