Mr Hedin is way more trendy than you thought.

This last week I saw a man walking down the streets of New York City dressed as if he were a logger. Or potentially a construction worker.  And he was clearly neither of those things.  When I first met Mr. Hedin he wore these types of clothes - not ironically, but because he was a forestry major in college and could potentially be in the presence of logs or work.

After seeing this man, I started popping in mens shops and peeking at the fall trends I may have missed in Seattle.  Turns out this look is very much in style.  The same clothes I convinced Mr. Hedin were not super flattering almost fifteen years ago have returned for another round.  This time around, we won't be shopping in outdoor shops or driving to logging communities - this can be found as close as your nearest mall.

Boots :: Plaid Shirt :: Hat

Boots :: Plaid Shirt :: Bag
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