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If ever I had an aspiration, it would be to bake better bread.  I have made a few loaves that turned out alright, but nothing like what my sister can pull off.  Her bread is amazing.  I have given up making bread a few times only to try again when I get the urge to eat a really good loaf of bread.

And now that time has come again.  Macrina Bakery (if you haven't eaten there yet, drop everything and eat there) has a second cookbook out, More from Macrina.  I am devouring it.  I've even successfully made a few things from it.  Hooray!

The best part - for me - is that each chapter starts with a 'master recipe' and every subsequent recipe uses that one as the base.  That means I only have to really get one recipe right and I have several things I can make from it.  Success!  

Christmas morning we're eating Sugar Buns.  (And I may start calling my kids that too.)
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