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One thing that I believe passionately is that if I can do it - you can do it.  You may feel I have some superior advantage but I don't.  I'm a stay-at-home mom to three kids under four years old and I have twenty eight square feet of countertop in my kitchen.  28.  Which is why I feel such a kinship to Kir Jensen of the Sugar Cube.  She turned a teeny tiny food cart into her pastry kitchen and became the 'sweetest little food cart on the planet.'  If she can bake it - you can bake it.

And now she has a cookbook.  Lucky for all of us - especially with Thanksgiving this week - because there is nothing worse than pumpkin pie.  Literally.  I'm making Lemon Pudding Pops.

Three things I learned from this book.
1. brush the top of cakes with flavored simple syrups = moist cakes + intense flavor
2. ruffles potato chips dipped in caramel are addictive
3. bittersweet chocolate + tawny port = after dinner decadence

Oh, and my next trip to Portland may or may not be specifically to go see Kir.

images via Star Chefs and Chronicle Books
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