November Knit :: Knit Pumpkin

I like having pumpkins around this time of year.  But orange pumpkins are so "halloween" that I can't handle them after October.  In honor of the month of November Knit I crafted a few pumpkins out of old sweater sleeves and twigs.  This could not be easier.  

You'll need
1 old sweater (with sleeves)
Needle + thread
Hot glue + hot glue gun
a twig

Step 1 :: Cut off part of the sleeve of the sweater.  A traditional mens large sweater is about a 5 inch width sleeve.  You'll need eight inches in length.  (the ratio is 8 inch length :: 5 inch width and it works scaled down 7 inch length :: 4 inch width, etc.)
Step 2 :: Using the needle and thread, stitch loosely across one end of the sleeve length (a basting stitch).  Pull the threads at the end gently to close the hole.  Tie off the ends and knot them.
Step 3 :: Repeat the basting stitch on the other end but do not close the hole.  When the stitch is done, fill the sleeve with batting until it's loosely packed.
Step 4 :: Pull the threads on the open end to close and knot them.
Step 5 :: Tuck in the loose "frilly" top on each end.
Step 6 :: Cut a length of a one inch twig to look cute on the pumpkin.  Using hot glue, place the twig in the center of the button and push hard down to catch the bottom 'button' in the glue.  Hold briefly until the glue dries.