Our little Christmas house

Christmas at our house has been an adventure for the last four years.  The first year I hung only cookies on the tree since Lars was almost one year.  The dog ate all of them.  The next two years I hung an edited number of ornaments on the tree depending on what I could find, what "theme" we were going with, etc.  Last year we tried candy canes and the two oldest children ate them all. Literally, they drug chairs over to the tree to get the ones that were up high.

This year we have a child who loves to throw balls.  All balls.  All ball shaped items.  Glass ball shaped ornaments seemed like a bad idea.

Thank goodness Ikea had plastic ball ornaments that look decent and I dug out an old strand of flamingo lights to add a little more color.  One day I will get to have an over the top tree with every ornament I've ever owned.  And I'll be a little sad that the children are growing up.