As seen on TV :: Gifts for the Un-gift-able

Tune into Q13 Fox News this Morning at 8:15 for all of my gift picks + wrapping ideas!

The Work-from-Home-er :: A single serve coffee maker featuring Barista Prima coffee is the perfect solution.  Tastes like a coffee house, doesn't require tons of clean up.  Keurig featuring Barista Prima

The Fashion Maven :: When you can't pick out clothes or jewelry, pick out a fabulous NEW book featuring the best fashion has to offer.  Cameron Silver Decades

The New Mom/ Snow Bunny :: If the requirements are comfortable, stylish, and warm then New Zealand wool in fab colors is perfect.  Ice Breaker Merino Wool Hoodie

The Man with Everything who's really still a kid :: A new football.  Maybe add tickets to the next game with it.  Touchdown.  Franklin Football

Fourteen year old boys :: Teenage boy gifts spark fear in everyone.  Get them outside and smiling with a modern interpretation of a skate board.  Ripstik

Girls of all ages (and especially tweens) :: Tiffany charm bracelets.  Buy her one charm now, one for her birthday, one for your anniversary, one for graduation, build it up and make it special.  Tiffany Charms

Shop at or and get 30% off one item the first time you shop!  Fabulous toys and games for kids of all ages.  

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keurig and barista prima c/o barista prima
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