Glittering Holiday :: Glitter Tape Bow

I discovered glitter tape at Michael's last week and I am in love.  Not only can you tape things up (Christmas Cards) and have them look uber cool, but you can make a sparkly bow.  Why make a bow out of tape? 

Reason 1 :: It looks cool.
Reason 2 :: It can't be totally ruined in shipping if you have to mail packages.
Reason 3 :: Sneaky Peekers can't sneaky peek when the package is entirely wrapped in tape.

You'll need
1 package
Glitter ribbon tape

Step 1 :: Wrap the present.
Step 2 :: Wrap one length of ribbon tape around the short end of the package starting and ending on the back of the package.
Step 3 :: Measure a length of the ribbon tape to wrap around the long end of the package leaving at least four inches to create a bow.
Step 4 :: Wrap one end of the ribbon tape up to meet the first length of ribbon tape and bend it backwards to create a crease.
Step 5 :: Cut a length of ribbon tape one inch shorter than the remaining amount of ribbon tape.
Step 6 :: Press down the ribbon tape and trim any extra.
Step 7 :: Repeat steps 5 & 6 on the opposite side to create the bow.

P.S. :: Occasionally the tape doesn't like to stick to itself.  In that case, try a dab of hot glue.

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