Glittering Holiday :: Shortcut Limoncello Gifts {+ a printable tag}

I recently discovered that the six month process that I have been slaving over to make Limoncello can be short-cutted.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to peel lemons one day and enjoy limoncello in the same week.  This is also really exciting for you because this is the PERFECT housewarming/hostess/ fabulous gift and it can be done in no time.  Have a party this weekend?  No problem.  Done.

And I made a fun little tag for the gifting so your friends know what to do with what you have created. Sometimes handing people a bottle of booze seems simple, but is actually a bit challenging for the receiver if they aren't familiar with it.  Cin Cin!

12 lemons
1.5L decent vodka
2 cups sugar
3 cups water

Peel off the zest of the lemon using a vegetable peeler. Do not capture any of the white pith. If some comes off with the peel, scrape it off using the side of a spoon. Place zest in a large glass container and cover with vodka. Give it a good shake and place in a dark place for 2-3 days.   Shake it regularly.  

Strain out peels pushing out any extra oils or liquid after 3 days. In a microwave safe bowl, heat water to boiling (three minutes).  Remove from microwave and quickly whisk in sugar until it's dissolved.  Let cool and add to 'lemon juice.'  Shake together vigorously.  

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