Obsessed :: 2nd Edition

I am literally obsessed with my new Tiffany reversible tote.  Obsessed.  I adore it because it looks super  chic but it also holds loads of things - cleverly disguising packets of squeeze food and extra pull-ups.

When you spend all day schlepping around kids and their gear, it's nice to have something lovely to hold.  I've realized too, that when carrying this buttery gold bag I almost instantly look pulled together.  If you throw a decent coat over what ever you're wearing and grab a nice bag you can pass for chic.  Even at preschool drop off.

The way I carry the bag, it's a shimmery gold bag with a camel colored suede interior.  I have no desire to switch it around and hide the gold.  But you can switch it if you so choose.  Maybe in the fall, I'll be in more of a suede mood and I'll end up switching it around.    There is also a small bag on the inside that clips on - and has a lovely Tiffany blue interior!  A nice surprise - the illusion to the Tiffany color is so minimal, it becomes a treat to find it hidden through tiny elements of the bag.  Did I mention the hardware is plated with 24 carat gold?

Put it on your wish list for Valentine's Day.  You will adore it.

BTW, Jennifer Aniston carries one.  So we're basically the same.

Check out all of the color options here
bag c/o Tiffany & Co.

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