The only thing I needed to know I learned last week.

I discovered last week at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City that there was only one thing I needed to know to make my life happier - and it came from Stefan Sagmeister - "having guts always works out for me." Some of you know the infamous Stefan Sagmeister from his somewhat contriversial nakedness.  And some of you know him from TED talks.  And some of you don't know him at all.  I really like him.  He's crazy in a good crazy way.  His talk was about his new project - a project on happiness.  What I took away from his talk was that I need to take more risks.  That the part of me that loves to be crazy is good and should be more crazy.  When ever I do something that is outside of my comfort zone (that feels crazy), I end up finding happiness.

It doesn't have to be extravagant craziness, here are a few examples in your life.  Trust me, you will feel like a better person when you do something like this.  (Don't think this is crazy?  Is it something you do regularly?  No?  Then it's outside of your comfort zone and thus a little crazy)  Have more?  Add them in the comments section.

   - Hold the door for a mother with a stroller
   - Tell someone they look nice, but be specific "I like your coat."
   - Invite a friend over for coffee
   - Send a "thinking of you card" to a friend you haven't seen
   - Bake cookies for no reason
   - Let someone else take the "good" parking spot
   - Bring a co-worker a cup of coffee in the morning
   - Smile when you walk down the street (not crazy smile, pleasant smile)

And speaking of crazy - I hung out with a bunch of my crazy friends too.

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