February Funfetti :: Funfetti Heart Shirt

I make my kids a lot of shirts.  This year I decided to let them pitch in and help me make something fun to celebrate Valentine's Day.

You'll need
1 t-shirt
4-6 colors fabric paint
4-6 pencils
freezer paper

Step 1 :: Cut heart shape from freezer paper to fit on the front of the chosen t-shirt.
Step 2 :: Press shirt to remove all wrinkles.  Iron on freezer paper shape over where you want the heart to end up.
Step 3 :: Place pencil eraser in paint and stamp evenly over shirt.  Let dry. 
Step 4 :: Keep stamping paint colors with pencil erasers allowing paint to dry between each layer.
Step 5 :: Remove stencil and set paint according to paint instructions (mine goes in the dryer for  10 minutes)

Click through to watch me make this shirt on Q13 Fox with Kaci!

Alexandra Hedincrafts