February Funfetti :: Monogram Stamp Pillow

I really love a good monogram.  After I bought letter cookie cutters I monogrammed almost all of our food for a solid week.  Then I realized I could use them to monogram other things as well - like fabric.  And look how fun and child-like it turned out!  Perfect for my daughters - already heavily patterned - room.  

You'll need:
1 washable cotton pillow cover
3 colors fabric paint
Letter cookie cutters

Step 1 :: Iron your pillow cover flat
Step 2 :: Spread a thin layer of fabric paint on a washable plate or piece of wax paper.  Gently stamp the last letter in the monogram into the paint.
Step 3 :: Press letter onto fabric leaving a healthy distance between stamps.
Step 4 :: Repeat Step 2 with a different color paint using the second letter in the monogram.  Stamp second layer overlapping the previously stamped letter slightly.
Step 5 :: Repeat Step 3 with the final letter + final color.
Step 6 :: Let paint dry and follow fabric paint instructions for setting paint.  

I stamped the initials on fabric and made my own pillow, but you can easily do this with a plain (washable) throw pillow cover or pillow case!

Alexandra HedinComment