Behind the Scenes :: Better Homes & Gardens

When we shot this spread for Better Homes and Gardens it seemed like forever until it would come out - and now it's on newsstands everywhere! How excited am I?

The shoot took a really long time, compared to my shoots for 425 Magazine. But Jeff Hobson, my photographer for 425, and I have been working together for ages now and we can get a shoot done in just a few hours. He claims to like my bossiness - I'm not sure that's the truth, but it gets a shoot done quickly when I know what I want.

I usually spend several hours before Jeff arrives setting up - and the BH&G shoot was no different. The stylist came over ahead of time and we spent a while chatting and arranging all of the shots.

Since we did this in February, my Christmas decorations had been long packed up and put away in the attic. By the time the BH&G crew arrived, I had already spent many hours trying to make my house look like Christmas again - when it really was filled with red and pink flowers!!
The team was so much fun to work with. And so fun to see how a national publication prepares for and shoots a spread. I learned a ton and have been using what I learned from them in my shoots for 425 Magazine.

I hope you pick up a copy of the magazine and immediately turn to page 81. Then read the rest of the magazine because there are some really great stories too - like the gal from Germany who makes an awesome Christmas for her family.

And here are two shots that didn't make the final spread: