Behind the Scenes :: Little Girl's Tea Party

Here are some images that didn't make the final cut. 

Cheesy Cheeserson, also known as my niece Ella.  She was the biggest ham through the entire shoot.  The shots you see of her in the magazine are the only ones where she wasn't totally cheesy.  She LOVES the camera!  

The youngest one at the party and the most shy.  But isn't she adorable?

Jeff wanted the girls to be laughing.  They wouldn't do it on their own so I had to do the silly dance.  It may have gotten a little too silly.  

I look like a giant next to the tiny table.  The four inch Marc Jacobs shoes aren't helping either - but aren't they fab??

The teapot is a vintage find from my grandmother's collection.  Can you believe I didn't know she had this the entire time she was alive?  I would have loved this as a kid.  Not that I don't adore it now. 

 I made a tablecloth out of fabric from Calico corners and edged it with blue ric rac.  But then on top I made giant paper flowers.  I put most of them under each plate as a sort of place mat.  And left the others out under the tea pot and other strategic places.  You would not believe the mess they made and the paper flowers kept the tablecloth some what protected.

For the princess I made a giant letter E from craft paper and tied it to her chair.  She was thrilled.  The boa helped her enthusiasm. 

The flowers were easy - and turns out delicious.  I secured a floral frog to the bottom of the tea cup and placed the flowers inside.  Since  I was filling the tea cup with Skittles, I didn't use water.  Without water, you need to do the flowers just before you need them.  I covered the frog with a bag of Tropical Flavored Skittles (the best colors).  The girls dug in as soon as I gave the go ahead.  So did the older brother who was standing by and waiting.