Re Energized by Design {no.2}

Last week you met the team I am working with for Puget Sound Energy's Re-Energized by Design competition and this week we're renovating the bathroom.  Since the budget is only $500, the team won't be doing anything too extravagant.  But they will be making updates that bring the bathroom into 2013 and add energy efficiency.  Watch the webisode here on the Re-Energized by Design Website.

Here are a few ways you can make your bathroom more energy efficient {and more lovely too}.

{this post is sponsored by Puget Sound Energy}

My job with Puget Sound Energy and the Re-Energized by Design competition was to provide guidance and design help to the family chosen for me by the teams behind Re-Energized by Design.  The design of the spaces is entirely that of the White family with limited input from me.  
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