April Purple :: Ripped & Ruined Book Flower

So Pearl ripped a book.  It happened a while ago and I don't think she really meant to.  She just wasn't entirely approved for paper page books and she had a paper page book in bed with her.  I've been trying to come up with something fun to do with the pages of the book when I saw Brittney's lovely paper flowers.

This is a really easy project.  It looks adorable hanging in her room and would be fabulous in a tall vase.  I just hope it doesn't encourage the ripping of more books.

1 book with at least 10 pages
X-acto knife
Hot glue gun + glue
Pipe cleaner (optional)

Step 1 :: Create the petals
- Remove the pages from the spine using the x-acto knife
- Cut a petal shape out of each page.  It does not have to be exact, but they should fan out a bit.
- Accordion fold the petals at about one inch folds.
- I used only the purple and pink flowers for the petals.

Step 2 :: Create the center 
- Cut two circles out of two different colored pages.
- One circle should be one inch smaller all the way around.
- Snip in on the edges of each circle to create 'fringe' around the edges
- Use your hand and curl the fringe in
- Fluff the fringe up a bit

Step 3 :: Assemble the flower
- Fan the petals out in a circle and glue them on top of each other.
- If you need a stem, poke two holes in the top of the flower and thread a pipe cleaner through.  Twist the bottom
- Glue larger center piece down in the middle of the flower shape.
- Glue smaller circle on the inside of the larger center piece.
- Fluff everything up so it looks like a flower

 Step 4 :: Optionally add leaves.
- Cut leaf shapes out of any green pages in the book.
- Glue leaves on the outside edges of the flower.  You will have to hold them off the middle to make them show past the pages so the back of the flower won't be gorgeous.

Hang it up and enjoy!  Or dance around the backyard until it starts to rain.  Your call.

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