Re-Energized by Design {no. 3}

The second challenge for Puget Sound Energy's Re-Energized by Design competition was the office  (Or the garage for some people who did not have an office space) and yikes did this family have an office!

With only $500 for a budget, the goal was to purge things they no longer needed, simplify the desk situation, and create distinctive 'zones' in the room for working, a guest room, and sewing.  By simplifying the office equipment, putting everything on energy saving plug strips, and changing out overhead light bulbs, the family was also able to save a significant amount of energy.

Watch the video here on the Re-Energized by Design Website.

{this post is sponsored by Puget Sound Energy}

My job with Puget Sound Energy and the Re-Energized by Design competition was to provide guidance and design help to the family chosen for me by the teams behind Re-Energized by Design.  The design of the spaces is entirely that of the White family with limited input from me.  
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