Re-Energized by Design {no. 5}

This week in Puget Sound Energy's ReEnergized by Design competition, contestants were challenged to renovate the laundry room.  The laundry room is a challenge in any house - and a perfect spot for increasing energy efficiency.  Watch the video here on the ReEnergized by Design website.

Since my family is no longer in the competition, I don't have an amazing before and after to show you, but I do have some ways to make your laundry room an energy efficient 'after.'

As soon as I started thinking about the laundry room, I thought of Jessica Alba.  All 'dirty' jokes aside, Jessica is an incredibly lovely person whose life was changed by a load of laundry.  Literally.  When pregnant with her first child she washed all of the little baby clothes in the incredibly expensive baby detergent and immediately started sneezing and itching.

She questioned the safety of the expensive and "fancy" detergent and ended up creating her own.  As well as dozens of other products that are not only honest about their ingredients but also affordable.  If you want to know loads more about her journey and how she lives, you should check out her recently released book, The Honest Life.  It's a lovely book about a lovely lady and a lovely life.

But back to laundry, when you're thinking about making your laundry room more energy efficient don't forget to think about the chemicals and other toxins that you're bringing into the room.  Clean laundry should be clean.  C.L.E.A.N.

{this post is sponsored by Puget Sound Energy}

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