Re Energized by Design {no.4}

So the White family was eliminated from the competition.  Cue the sad trombone.  But the competition is still going on, so follow the families who are remaining here on the Re Energized by Design website.  The latest installment of the video series was posted this morning.  

This week calls for the living room to be updated and made more energy efficient.  The simplest solution is to change out the lighting, but did you know that taking advantage of the natural light is also a great way to increase your own energy efficiency?  You also look better in natural light. 

Here are a few ways you can make your living room more energy efficient and just better in general.

If you're looking for inspiration for your own home projects, Martha Stewart {the Martha} just launched a new video series with The Home Depot with ideas for paint, kitchen, and garden.  Subscribe for Martha's "Home How To Series" to be delivered to your mailbox here.  There will be three new videos per week from Martha and her team {including Kevin Sharkey - swoon}.  

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