Confetti on the walls {thanks to Martha}

Some days I feel like a girl growing out her bangs.  But with our house.  Eventually everything will be remodeled and be lovely, but in the mean time we have some funny rooms that I don't feel like spending a bunch of money on.  The guest room is one of those rooms.

In the two years we have lived in this house, this room has served many purposes ::  it started as Lars's room, then when the basement was finished, Judson moved into the room.  It also holds a piano and the closets are filled with my "closet annex." 

If this room was tucked back in some corner of the house I would probably not think twice about it and just rip the walls out when it's time.  But it's at the front of the house.  Directly in the front of the house. It gets seen and it's ugly.  

I started brainstorming the space but hadn't come up with anything that I was excited about until the lovely ladies at Martha Stewart offered to send me some of their new Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint in any color I'd like.  The walls of the room are dull, dingy grey.  Since I wasn't planning on painting the whole room, the dull dingy grey walls were the perfect backdrop for a few accents of Silver Leaf from their Precious Metals collection.  

I decided on polka dots.  The trick was finding a "stamp" that would create a perfect small circle.  Everything I had was either too small (pencil eraser?) or too large (foam placemat?) and wasn't what I had in mind.  Then, one dreary afternoon at the grocery store I saw it, a shoe polishing kit with the perfect shape circle foam tool.  

Polka dotting the room was actually really simple.  I started at one side and worked my way around the room.  For the first round of stamping, I chose to go lightly.  Then, after the first round dried, I came back and added more dots where needed.  

metallic paint c/o Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia