Give :: Premier Chef's Dinner 2014

Over the weekend Mr. Hedin and I had the pleasure of attending the Premier Chef's Dinner benefitting Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I love this event.  It's literally my favorite event of the year and this was our FIFTH year of going.  I never get bored by it - and I get bored easily.  

The Premier Chef's dinner is a four course feast catered by some of the city's best chefs - plus there is a wine pairing with each course - plus there are appetizers before the dinner by more fabulous chefs - plus there's cocktails to welcome you.  

And all of this is to raise money for cancer research because the Hutch is going to find a cure.  I think we can all agree that we need a cure.  Cancer is the worst.  Literally, the worst.  I hate it.  I hate what it does to those with cancer.  I hate what it does to their families.  I hate the tear filled phone calls.  I hate funerals.  I hate the hole in my heart.  I want a cure.  I have spent a lot of time at the Hutch listening to those who have had their lives disrupted by cancer and listening to those who are determined to end cancer.  I believe that these scientists, doctors and researchers are the ones who will find a cure.  

If I can eat a lovely meal and laugh with those I love all to end cancer, count me in.  I'll bring my checkbook.

We've all known someone who has/had cancer.  If you aren't already involved with a charitable organization, I highly encourage you to get involved.  We shouldn't have to rely on the government to fund research.

There are lots of ways to be involved, especially with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Literally, there's something every month - but the coolest new event coming this September is IN for the Hutch.  It's a cocktail party with a ridiculously amazing auction and loads of fabulous people dancing.  I'm super excited for this night.  I hope you are too.  You can RSVP for IN for the Hutch right here.

See you there!