May Brass :: Gilded China Dish

When Mr. Hedin's great aunt moved into a retirement home there were several things that no one particularly wanted.  Her pink rose trimmed china, vaguely chipped, was one of them.  I couldn't bear to see a family members china go to the Goodwill, so I scooped it up.

The problem was, it wasn't really my style.  I used it in a photo shoot once and it looked adorable.  But after that, it stayed in the cabinet.

Then I saw some darling half dipped china at Anthropologie and thought this could be the solution for my "not so cute" china.  Since everything is better with gold...

You'll need
1 china dish
blue painters tape
liquid gilding
paint brush
rubbing alcohol
cotton balls

Step 1 ::  Clean china dish well and rub area to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.  Let air dry
Step 2 ::  Tape off area to be taped with blue painters tape.  Press the tape down well on the edge to be taped.
Step 3 ::  Apply a layer of gilding carefully.  Most gilding dries really fast so work carefully.  Let dry
Step 4 ::  Apply additional layers of paint as needed.
Step 5 ::  Remove painters tape carefully.  You may need to use an exacto knife to cut the paint away from the tape.