Timber Dog

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already have figured out that last Friday Timber got hit by a truck.  He was very lucky that he is so huge and managed to escape from under the front tire of the very large pickup truck and limp away.  He was also very lucky that he didn't break anything and suffered only {comparatively} minor damage.

He had surgery yesterday that was very successful and very positive.  He comes home today from the emergency veterinary hospital where he'll have one leg in a cast and a small shaved side on the other leg where he suffered a little road rash and had an IV put in.

We love, love, love, our Timber Dog and we are so grateful that he will be back to his regular old crazy dog self in just a few months.  Hopefully he doesn't miss the whole summer swimming season with a cast on.

He's healing now, if you wouldn't mind sending what ever thoughts you believe in our way, we'd appreciate it.  Prayers, karma, best wishes, luck, we'll take it all.