Weekend Wardrobe :: When Chicken Pox Attack.

We had a rough week.  Two thirds of my children came down with Chicken Pox despite having the vaccine and we were stuck at home.  No school, no gymnastics, no grocery store.  When I was a kid, I don't remember being stuck at home all of the time being a big deal.  As an adult it's a BIG DEAL.  Plus, Mr. Hedin was out of town.  Luckily, I have awesome friends who were willing to text-talk to avoid spreading the germs, a cousin who brought me dinner and wine, and parents who took turns watching the two infected children so I could be present for the third.

This weekend I plan to do nothing.  I plan to wear the same pajamas for both days.  I plan to watch movies.  I plan to be comfortable.  I plan to be a marginal parent as Mr. Hedin will be home to pick up the slack.

SATURDAY ::  Prospect Park Liberty of London Pajamas :: Popcorn Boxes ::  J.Crew Nautical Stripe Socks

SUNDAY ::  Prospect Park Liberty of London Pajamas  ::  Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath Cubes ::   Jonathan Adler Polka Dot Tea Cup