Craft it :: Fourth of July Feather Wreath

This Fourth of July - like the twenty before it - we'll be celebrating at our family beach house on Whidbey Island with approximately 9,000 people.  Ok, so it's probably more like 50 - but it sometimes feels like 9,000.

Fourth of July 2012

We always decorate, because what's a party without decorations?  This year, challenged by my friend Sharon at Cupcakes and Cutlery, I made a feather wreath.  I loved the idea of using feathers for this holiday since it harkens back to the heritage of the United States and feels really natural - despite the fact that these feathers are heavily dyed and processed.

You'll need
1 styrofoam wreath form
assorted feathers
hot glue + hot glue gun

Step 1 :: Choose your pattern and sort feathers so you have roughly all the same size together

Step 2 :: Begin gluing your pattern onto the foam wreath form using the hot glue gun on the "low" setting

Step 3 :: Keep gluing feathers overlapping each feather by half so the end of the feather can't be seen.

Step 4 :: Hang it up!  I hung mine by carving a small hole in the back and using a suction cup hook to attach it.