Endless Summer Projects :: Bug Habitat by Classic Play

Today's installment of Endless Summer Projects comes from my friend Jennifer who I get to hang out with tomorrow in New York City!   I have hesitated to tell Lars about these habitats because he is obsessed with collecting bugs and even asked for a bug vacuum last year from Santa {we've used it once on an actual bug to get a bumble bee out of the kitchen safely}.

I will definitely make these eventually as the summer already feels long and we're at day 3 today.  These habitats are endless hours of inspiration and I'm preparing myself for a house full of bugs.

Click here for the instructions on how to build your own Classic Play Bug Habitat!

Now through August, I'm teaming up with my friends Melissa aka Lulu the Baker, Jennifer from Classic Play, and MJ from Pars Caeli to bring you crafts, games and party ideas all summer long. Visit any of our blogs on Wednesdays for a new project each week.

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